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m.A.A.d City


🎶 «Venuto dal sole o da spiagge gelate, | perduto in novembre o col vento d'estate, | io t'ho amato sempre, non t'ho amato mai | amore che vieni, amore che vai...» 🎶 Ottant'anni fa, sotto il cielo di Genova, nasceva Fabrizio De André. 🎤📻🎂


Do not let anyone define you by your past, by the shadows of who you used to be. You and I? We have full permission to shed our skin. To be forgiven. To own our mistakes and to look forward in love and out of past fear. Beloved do not let anyone tell you who you are. And if per chance you share your past, your imperfections, the missteps you made along the away and someone turns their heart from you, know they reject their own heart the same. We are all so beautifully scarred and so often we falter. Too often "We live in haunted houses and our houses are haunted by those whose ghosts try to tell us who we are." (Sundara Moorthy aka Appa) but you get to be your own Ghost Buster and break those constructs. And I promise you this, your faults, imperfections, the things you’ve overcome, the shadows you’ve faced, the healing you’ve done to be better and do better in a world that is not always good or kind is exactly what qualifies you to be a healer, a leader, a teacher. . . . . . #loveisaction #lovelookslikesomething #selflove #forgive #yogalife #yogini #livehonestbefree #movementculture #greece #healer #minetheshadows #tantra #tantrashakti #warriorwomen #shedyourskin #yogateachers #yogaphotos #advancedselfie #portraits #pursuitofportraits


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